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Dreamers Support America and Americans Support Dreamers

Dreamers are Americans and have the support of their fellow Americans. They contribute significantly to our communities and to our economy.

For more than 15 years, an overwhelming majority of Americans have consistently agreed that Dreamers deserve a chance to build their lives and their futures in the only country they know as home. Dreamers are an integral part of our country and our local communities.

Every Dreamer has his or her own unique story. Some seek to continue their education or a chance to work, and many simply wish to live a life free from fear. But all of them seek a better life and all Dreamers are Americans. They grew up in America, they were educated in America, and they contribute to the American economy.

Dreamers contribute significantly to our communities and our economy. Reports have shown that eliminating DACA would cost $433.4 billion in GDP over a decade, and reduce Social Security and Medicare tax contributions by $24.6 billion over the same time period.

With their hard work, perseverance, and deep community roots, Dreamers make our country stronger and better.

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