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Practice Areas

The firm offers its expertise in several areas of law that affect the immigrant and expatriate communities of the Washington metropolitan area.  The areas of law covered are as diverse as Treaty Investor visas and corporate whistle-blowers in an international civil service setting. Representation includes litigation, administrative regulatory law and human resources.
Administrative International Law


This relatively new area of the law encompasses the law of international organizations.  It includes the human resource regulations of each organization as a law that is distinct from the national laws of the organizations member countries.  These matters often involve issues of human resources, ethics and conduct as well as the imposition of sanctions on contractors for violations of the organization’s procurement policies.

U.S. Immigration and Nationality Law


This area of the law has been in a constant state of evolution in the past thirty years and is likely to be overhauled entirely in the coming years.  The fluid state of the immigration law requires periodic review of the rights and obligations of immigrants and nonimmigrants.  Today, immigration regulations and legislation affects legal and illegal immigrants, refugees, nonimmigrant employees and their employers. 

Employment and Labor Law


In recent years the traditional employment relationship has been eroded by the increasing dependence on contingent employment models.  This has individualized the myriad of issues that arise between independent contractors and their employers.  These issues have become more complex and involve more areas of law than the traditional employer-employee relationships.  Labor law in the U.S. is a particular area of interest as it often determines employment based immigration.



Small Business Entities

The U.S. is a leader in the establishment and maintenance of business entities.  The traditional corporate modality has given way to the small business and professional services-friendly environment of limited liability companies. Being able to navigate these modalities is the key to success in the business world.  In combination with knowledge of immigration regulations, this practice provides many new opportunities for small transnational business entities operating in the U.S. 






U.S Administrative and Regulatory Law


In this vast area of law, the firms focus is on Immigration and Labor Law and the litigation and appellate forums they offer.  Many matters are not properly resolved by even the administrative appeals and must be taken to the federal courts for resolution. 



Non-Profit Organizations

Non-Profit Organizations: Some of the greatest change in the modern world has been brought about by organizations whose mission is something other than financial profit.  The firm has proudly assisted these organizations in their creation, formal establishment and operation.  The ultimate success of a non-profit organization lies in the ability to use the tax laws to its benefit


Corporate Ethics

Increasingly, the ability to successfully navigate corporate definitions of misconduct require competent legal analysis and advice.  Many corporate ethics issues are not well defined and are open to abuse by both employer and employees.  Resolving these issues in a fair and equitable manner is an important but very delicate exercise.  The area of corporate ethics is invariably affected by claims of whistleblowers’ rights, conflicts of interest and corporate fiduciary duties.

Domestic Relations Law


The firm’s practice in immigration and nationality law requires a detailed knowledge of domestic relations law of U.S. jurisdictions.  The firm has forged relationships with lawyers in many U.S. jurisdictions as well as in foreign jurisdictions who practice domestic relations law exclusively 


Appellate Practice


Being able to present a well-written brief to assert our client’s rights to an appellate tribunal is among the most important skills we possess.


The effective use of the written word is an increasingly rare skill.  We take pride in understanding our clients’ rights and obligations and expressing them in terms of the applicable law through our appellate brief writing skills.


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